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Welcome to Buyers Choice Auction Demo

Please use this site to become familiar with how Buyers Choice Auction works.

To best use this site, you will need to LOGIN (Click Here). You can use any of the following user names: demo1, demo2 or demo3. Use the password auctiondemo for all these user names.

Don't worry! You aren't really buying anything. We just want you to see how Buyers Choice Auction works.

We encourage you to fill out a Proxy Choice ticket (through the Proxy Choice ticket tab on the top menu or by checking the Proxy Choice box above the My Bid box when bidding any individual lot). When that Proxy Choice box is checked and you enter a bid and press Enter, the computer will take you to a Proxy Choice ticket where you can confirm your Proxy Choice ticket as is or add or edit lots and maximum prices. To add or edit lots, just press the Tab key on your keyboard when cursor is positioned in the Lot# box.

  • To View all lots on one screen: go to Big Board- Click Here
  • To View pictures and details of the Sale Offering- Click Here
  • Auction Tips - Click Here
  • Thank you to Olsen Yorks, Irene, SD for the use of sale lot descriptions and pictures to use in this demonstration.
    Please note: Bids are cleared periodically so don't be surprised if you enter some bids and then come back here later and you can't find them.